Preorder Update #1: The Lids Are Here

Preorder Update #1: The Lids Are Here

For the past few weeks, we've been waiting on the metal lids to be shipped by our domestic supplier. 

The good news is that the lids have finally arrived and the bottling of our beef liver capsules has begun! 

This is a major milestone for us because it means that we'll soon be able to start fulfilling the huge number of pre-orders we've received.

Unlike most other supplement makers, we decided against the use of plastic bottles and lids (which are readily available from dozens of suppliers). Instead, we use glass bottles and metal lids that are made for us on-demand. 

While that's better for you and for the environment, it requires a little bit more planning (and sometimes, longer wait times). Going forward, we'll stock enough of these materials to reduce the risk of supply chain issues.