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Modern farming has depleted soil quality, leaving most Americans deficient in essential micronutrients. Our animal-based supplements provide highly-bioavailable vitamins, minerals, coenzymes, and peptides for optimal health and vitality.

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What Makes Our Supplements Unique?

  • Aubrey V.

    Finally a supplement that actually helps the way it’s supposed to. I’ve been hearing about it for over a year and researching it and finally took the plunge and grabbed a bottle. Best decision of my life. I’ve noticed I’m not as bloated and groggy as normal and my periods are not nearly as painful.

  • Cassidy S.

    My husband and I started taking the supplements and we can already feel the difference! My husband has noticed increased endurance with his strength, increase in energy, and just overall feeling better! My joints stopped hurting in the morning, my skin and hair look healthier, and overall I feel more energetic. We really love this supplement and will continue to purchase!

  • Scott S.

    This brand is by far the best I've ever tried and I'm now a repeat customer. I've discovered that I've got more energy throughout the day and my hair, both beard and on my head seems to be healthier. The oddest surprise, but a very good one is that I had read someone else say that a cyst they had shrunk after taking this supplement for a while and I can absolutely confirm that this is indeed true because a cyst I've had for years has all but disappeared since I started this product about a month ago. I'm a life-long customer now. This is a great, quality product worth every penny.

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  • The Kummer Family

    Behind MK Supplements is a family of four, passionate about homestead living, reconnecting with nature and teaching our kids that food doesn't come from the store.

  • Michael Kummer's Healthy Living Blog

    Follow our co-founder's healthy living blog to learn more about how to optimize nutrition, exercise and sleep to avoid chronic diseases.

  • Michael Kummer and his wife Katherine packing bottles of Grass-Fed Beef Liver.

    All of our products are made with love in small batches. We take pride in carefully sourcing all ingredients and selecting every piece of packaging to ensure they meet our high quality standards.

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MK Supplements Heart & Spleen and Liver

We Care About the Planet

From the glass bottles, metal lids and recyclable pouches we use to package our products to the eco-friendly shipping materials we use for delivery, our goal is to provide the highest-quality and most sustainable supplements on the market!

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